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King's Kennel

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Specializing in basic obedience, flyball, agility, freestyle, and frisbee. Also involved in conformation and Dog Scouts.
**King Kennels Does not breed**

The name King's Kennel came from my grandparents.  They once told me to never name a dog after them and as much as they deny it, they are the ones that support me the most.  So instead of naming just one dog after one of them, I named my entire kennel after them. 

King's Kennels was started when Johnny's King Topher Grace was brought home from Johnson's Kennels in Maysville, SC. Topher will not be bred, but will compete in competition until I feel it is time to stop. 

We now have a couple dogs entered into Kings Kennel. We dont own all of them, just love to claim them.  I have gotten into other breeds but still want to find MY breed. I am trying something new, thanks to Tracy, and now have a Min Pin, name JRF's LilLady's King HyJinx, otherwise known as Jinx.  He will be the first official show dog to come out of Kings Kennel.

We train for multiple sport for the simple fact that I believe in a well rounded dog. Yes looking pretty is always a plus, but can they work? I am a very strong believer that a well rounded dog is a happy one. Each dog was bred for a reason and I'd love to be one of the few to keep that going.  My secret goal is to get a show English Springer who will soon have his conformation CH and also get a Field Ch on him.  Think I can do it? I know I can.

Please wish us luck in our sprint to Westminster or Eukanuba.  Starting Juniors in April, with only a few months to the finish line, I have a goal to get 8 wins to the Farden and 5 to the Classic.  C

Check out the Juniors page for more info.  It us updated almost daily, filled with tips, tricks of the trade, pictures and winnings.

Remember, Springers are not for everyone. Please read the Springer information page, and other books or websites and sheck out Springer Rescue and help them out by fostering until you are ready to get your own. There are always Springers in need! Please adopt!

Kings Kennel
Morgan A. Haney
(912) 674 0656
E-mail: or

AIM: Mozerz

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