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King's Kennel
Junior Showmanship

From one junior to another....
Next Show: Greensboro, NC 8/9-10 AND IM IN OPEN!
Updated: Help is Here has become a VERY popular site, filled with tons of information...
               : Greenville pictures

Photo: © See Spot Run Photography

I am starting at 17 years of age, and I "age out" this December.  This being my first and last year I want to go to either Westminster or Eukanuba
There has been a LOT of help sent to me from juniors for juniors. CLICK HERE to read it all! If you want to add something LET ME KNOW!
Or just send it on my way...
If you have ANYTHING that you think every novice Junior should know please send it my way! 
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I have created a Juniors log which will have links throughout.  In a way it is like a diary but it has people I have talked to, updates, things that I learn from meeting people.  It is also there for me to tell everyone what I went through from day one and how to keep on moving.



Here are some great links that have helped me out....

CLICK HERE   This is old info but still has good pictures and info. Be sure to check out the e-list!

CLICK HERE  This is a GREAT message board.  You can learn tons from all of these people, and meet some great ones too!

CLICK HERE This is a site where you can find info in any state and they also have some training tips and more info. 

CLICK HERE This is a great site for beginners! It tells you a little bit of the basics and lets you know what the judge is looking for in the junior.

CLICK HERE This is a great site! One of the juniors, Gina, on the Forum gave it to me.  She has some links and some tips! Check it out!

Feel free to contact me this way also...
AIM: Mozerz   Yahoo!: allcompspringer  MSN: Mozerzz
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