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King's Kennel
Westminster v Eukanuba

Whichever I qualify for I am going to attend in 2004

To be qualified for the Eukanuba Classic you will need:
-- 5 wins with compition in the Open division between October 7, 2002 and October 8, 2003
-- A 3.0 grade point average (or an equivilent ) according to your transcript. And you need this for 2 or more consecutive semesters
-- You will be invited to attend
-- Held in Long Beach, California
To be qualified for Westminster you will need:
-- You will need 8 wins (best junior handler does not count as one) between December 2, 2002 and November 30, 2003
-- You must enter this compition if you qualify, you will not be invited. 
-- Held in New York, NY

This information is taken off of the Westminster and Eukanuba webpages...all information is valid...