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King's Kennel

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Springer sites
--English Springer Rescue of America--Adopt a rescue!--
Johnson Springers
--Topher's Kennel, Maysville, SC--Site is under construction--
Springer Rescue News in the Carolinas
--Keep up with Springer Rescue in NC/SC--
Groom your ESS puppy
--Groom your grown springer, plenty of pictures and lots more!--
Dog sites

FIDO Carolina
--First Dog Park built in Charlotte, NC Thanks to FIDO!--

Carolina Troopers
--First ever dog scouts in the Carolinas--
 Purina Dog Chow-Incredible Dogs
--Check out these awesome dogs!--

United States Dog Agility Association
--Im thinkin' the title gives it away!-all you wanna know!--

Disc Dog
-The best information on the web, and all about Frisbee!-
 The Dog Patch-Frisbee Page
--Links, groups, and more all on this page--
--Wonderful frisbee page with videos and such..


The World Canine Freestyle Association
--The history and explanation of what Canine Freestyle is--

Canine Freestyle
--Learn from the pro, Sandra Davis, order her tapes online also!--

 CFF-Canine Freestyle Federation
--One organization for freestylers--

Musical Freestyle
Here is a list of links to other sites--

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