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King's Kennel

Comments! We all love 'em so why not brag about 'em?


This is a rescued Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, a breed recently recognized by AKC, owned and loved by the Mahan family in Charlotte, NC.  I met them through the Carolina Troopers and helped train Buddy to be a "civilized being".  The entire family loves this dog! (even Topher and I).


"I REALLY like your web site. Topher is poetry in motion! You and he make a great team." - Barbara and George

Nancy from NK Concepts added Topher to her webpage: check it out! Toph is famous!
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  A HUUUGE Thank you to Lynn and Bobbe of GooseCreek Kennels for teaching me everything that I know now about dog shows! And teaching me all about little PBGVs!
A Big Thank you to the Johnsons for giving me Topher Grace! My proud and joy!
 Another BIG HUGE thanx to Michelle of Chellen Rotts for letting me co-own Jose and using him as my juniors dog and my soon to be first rottie pup! :)
 Thanks to all the Frisbee folks who have been helping me with Topher and getting the First EVER springer into Frisbee
 Thanks to all the Juniors who are helping me out--
Thanks to...
... Chelsea with her Basenji, the #1 Basenji Junior Handler
... to Lindsay with for meeting with me and helping me get started on the right foot with Toph-man.
... Katie of Barklay English Springers for helping me out with Toph from all the way cross the country!
... Dani with her boxers for being there for my first official win and telling me to breathe. Oh yea! And the smoothie! Yummmm
...and to all the Juniors that have helped me out
 Thanks to Stephanie Padgett of the Carolina Heat and Stephanjay Border Collies for giving me agility, flyball and frisbee tips! You have helped me through the hard times and thank you so so much!
 Thanks to Carol with All-Time English Springers in Simi Valley, CA who has given me tips on the breed itself, along with some grooming and Juniors tips!
 Thanks to Steve and Nancy Donahue for allowing me to co-own Luther so that I can use and abuse him in the juniors ring!
 Thanks to Tracy Smith of JRF Miniature Pinschers for letting me use Jared as a last minute juniors dog and for giving me Jinx, my first official show puppy!