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King's Kennel
Greenville, SC

July 25-27, 2003

Photo: © See Spot Run Photography

This is in Greenville, a 3 day show in South Carolina.  On Friday I showed Jose, the rottie and recieved 1st.  For my second first place in a row! Sorry, no pictures from that.  Then Saturday and Sunday (and for the rest of life) I will be showing Luther, a flat coat.  The one in the pictures!   These pictures were taken by Steven Donahue of Spot Shots Photography. Click the pictures to be directed to his webpage.

Photo: © See Spot Run Photography

 Running with this dog is serious work out! He moves with a serious 'tude and is always on the go.  He has the personality I wish every show dog would have.  If only he could share... 

Photo: © See Spot Run Photography

As you can see, we are both having a blast! I cant wait until our next show together!

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