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King's Kennel

Another Spaz Child....


Jinx was born May 8, 2003, while I was still in Charlotte not knowing I would fall in love with such a tiny dog.  When we were in Orlando I met Tracy, of JRF Miniature Pinschers and Chinese Cresteds, who lives in St Mary's! With me!! Soon we find out she is less than a mile away from me. 

14 weeks old

I ran to her in dire need of a juniors dog when she told me to stop by and we can look at the ones she was thinking about. When I walked in the door I saw 4 little puppies, picked up the little girl and Tracy firmly said "No" but to watch the little boy.  So I did, and at the time not knowing what I was watching just did anyways. After going to Tampa and working with Jared I learned a lot about the breed, and how much Jinx will be like his parents.  They are both wonderful, showy dogs with attitude to share...and they did! With each of their pups!


This is a new breed and size for me. I used Jared, Jinx's father as my juniors dog and fell in love! They have high energy, focus, and a wonderful personality.  They just want to watch you laugh and the harder you laugh the worse they get.
Jinx is going to be MY first conformation dog that I can show in breed once Juniors is over with.  I will also be showing Susie Q (mom) to get her last two majors on her. 


Suzie-Q--- Mommy
Jared-- Daddy