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Junior's Log
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This is a place where I can write down what I am thinking and have everything in one place.  I am going to be moving from NC to Southern GA and would hate to accidentally have something thrown away.

I am going to have random links throughout, questions for anyone who happens to read them, and a place to answer them.  :) 




My Goal:

To get the 3 wins I need to get into Open and then the 8 I need to qualify for Westminster or 5 to qualify for Eukanuba. 

I started showing in Juniors in April and will get all of the wins I need before my 18th birthday and the cut off date for Westminster. 

How I plan to achieve this GOAL:

I have 17 shows I plan to attend, so if you want to go on the road with me PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I will be traveling all over the east coast and it will get boring being by myself most of the time. 

Unless someone has a talking dog out there that they'd lend me! haha.




I really think that I can do this but am in need of some serious help.  I want to find a pro handler or someone close to it that can help me out.  Please let me know if you know of anyone who would be willing to help me out.

I am located in St. Mary's, GA...20 min south of Savannah, 10 min north of Downtown Jacksonville, FL, right on the coast.  Kind of a weird area, but still nice. 

If you have some extra time please fill out the survey on the Juniors page



Contact me:

Morgan A. Haney


AIM:  Mozerz

Yahoo!: allcompspringer