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Junior's Log
May 29th

--May 29th-- 
Well, so far I'm on a roll! My first show I got second, my second show I got fourth.  I showed Jose, a beautiful rottweiler named Jose.  Thanks to Michelle for letting me co-own him and use and abuse him. 

My next show is this weekend! There are 3 in my class and 17 all together, I'm not sure what the judge will be like but I just need to relax! Everyone is telling me to do that but I just have so much fun in the ring.  I am going to meet this one girl with a Basenji who lives in FL! Woohoo! She has been giving me some basic junior tips.

 This is a picture of her little Basenji.awww

Yesterday I met with Lindsay, an aged out Junior and she made sure I was on the right track with Toph man.  She said I need to learn to walk in a straight line (hehe) and be sure that I am looking at the judge. 
On the Forum I go to Gina and Heather said somethings to me that Id like to share
By Heather Carroll (Daljrhandler) on Tuesday, May 27, 2003 - 06:38 pm:

Hi, I don't know if you remember me but I was showing the dal in your class in Charlotte, NC. Some things I noticed was you really didn't pay attention to the judge that much and you didn't have your dog stacked all of the time. That is all I really noticed but then again I was concentrating on what I was doing.


By Gina Cashen (Gina) on Tuesday, May 27, 2003 - 07:56 pm:

experience is a good way to go... but if you're in small classes, i know, you dont learn much, try watching the open classes whenever you can, you can learn a lot from them. I've got a juniors tips page, i try to add everything i ever learn, some stuff is correct and some probably isnt. when you learn something or think something up, try it on YOUR individual dog and see how it works, just because it looked good on today's winner doesn't mean it'll work for you. :) I've also got links, here's the site:
hopefully to be updated soon.
Now, you should pay attention to the judge, where he is, and if he is looking at you as he walks down the line. You don't want to stare, or watch him the whole time you gait. Just want to glance and show you're payign attention. And, you dont have to have your dog stacked ALL the time, hand stacking your dog thr whole time will make your dog bored and restless. BUT, if it's a small class, then as soon as you do your thing and go to the end of the line, it may be time to stack again. You should start stacking your dog when it's down to about 2 dogs in front of you. Free stacking abd baiting is a good thing to do while youre waiting, your dog is standing nicely, and looking at you and looking pretty, but he isnt being hand stacked. if the judge looks down, he sees a nice picture.
That's nice though, that Heather could give you her view of how you were doing, I'm just saying what I would tell anyone on those topics :)
Well, take a look at those sites, and watch the open classes, and oh, take a look at the regular breed classes, and enter them if you can, a lot of those top juniors also show in breed, how they get more experience. And take in everything you can from every critique you get, some judges will tell you why the other perosn placed over you, or most will tell you if you ask them after judging, that's a big help.
Good luck!