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Junior's Log
Day 2
May 29th
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Win #1

April 30th
One more week and then a Monday of school.  ugh! How stupid is this school?!
Wednesday I worked with Jose and did pretty well.  I was used to working with Topher so I was always kneeling down...welll Michelle told me to do it anyways just to see what it is like...and it looked pretty well! 
What I did:
Stacked his front two feet...actually just one, just lined the other one up to it, kneeled and then did the (one facing the) judges back leg and then my leg.  I kneeled down by his front shoulders so I could hold his head and keep his feet together. 
When Im going to do this:
When I am waiting in line for the others, when it is the final exam, and whenever I know I have a while...When it is my turn for my patterns, exams, etc then I stack him standing so that I can still show the teeth and such off. 
Sound good??  I hope so...I am sooo ready for this show!! ahh! I cant wait....