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Junior's Log
Day 3
May 29th
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Win #1

June 7th

I added my Help page ( and if you wanna add anything let me know. I have a couple questions there too!
Well, I got 3rd at the Pinehurst show...Jose showed wonderfully in Breed (we walked with the #7 dog in the US) not too shabby!
I decided last minute to go to the Orlando show.  I will be bringing Toph man! uh ohh! We have been working hard together and I think we can do it.  There are two in my class so I hope to do something this weekend.  I will be meeting a couple people who have helped me out so that'll be coolios!
I have a couple videos of me stacking Topher and rolling up a leash (I needed this the most and couldn't find it!) but I dont know how to get it online. Im going to ask around and hopefully it will be up soon enough.
ONE MORE DAY OF SCHOOL! I must be the ONLY one left in school in the entire world.

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