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Junior's Log
Day 4


Now I know why they have you in school so long....there isnt anything on TV!! haha.....
Well. school ended yesterday at 9:14 and it is my last week in Charlotte...the place I have been the past 10 years! I think that it will be fun...the Theatre department is really good at my new high school (Cameden County High) and I have already met some people.
The "dog world" is active there also.  There is frisbee for Toph, flyball and agility for Toph and Bailey and all kinds of shows down that way. 
A bunch of the juniors I have already met and they are all so nice! haha.  Im going to meet most of them in Orlando the 21-22.
I updated the Help is Here page CLICK here and you can read what Katelyn has to say.  She is so sweet, she helps me out with Topher and all of my confusing questions.  She also has her own page too, check that out! She has a Champion, Tully. Go Katelyn!
I want more to put on my webpage, please send some things my way!
Going back to work now..ugh!
3 days until my part
4 days until we move

Coming soon