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King's Kennel

June 2-- I entered the Orlando show last night. I gave mom the guilt trip and she said that we can make arangements for me to get there on time. wooohoo!
May 30-- I have added a Junior Showmanship section and a "Friends" section.  I want to have the Juniors page updated as often as possible. I want to have everything that I couldnt find one the web, but I found talking to different juniors.  I plan to have videos, pictures, pop-out qualities, etc on there! and I need your help!!!!  Please fill out this suvey for me and e-mail it to me!! Thank you so so much!
May 21-- This whole page is an update!  The old page is still there, this is just so I can keep the page updated with updates! So keep checking this page and it will be linked to the other one.