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This will hopefully be the most help that you can get.  This is what has helped me starting out-- other people. So please do sit down and read the interviews and such....I promise you'll find something helpful!
Here are some questions I have sent around to all of the e-lists that I am on and have been passed from here to there and back again...feel free to answer these questions (especially Novice Juniors)

Name: Laura Davidson
Dog breed: Bernese Mountain Dogs, Tibetan Spaniels
Location: Pepperell, MA
How did you get started: by watching then westminster and begging my mom, also 4-h
If your parents didnt get you started, who helped you and how did you find out about Junior Showmanship? the breeder i work for, Deb Metcalf, helped me find a dog a taught me everything i know
Age you started: 13
Your stand out quality: I am able to bond with dogs quickly, and at the grooming shop i can handle out of control dogs
What would you like to see on the web for juniors?: more results and more message boards.
Things you'd like to pass onto a BRAND NEW Junior: dont give up you first time in the ring, and never take losing out on the dog. plus, have fun!

Name: Christine Downing
Dog breed: English Springer Spaniels
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
How did you get started: my parents showed/bred/owned their own Springers and my Mom just threw me into the Juniors ring with one of our dogs one day. From then on, I competed in Junior Handling and rarely do I use one of my own dogs now.
Each time, Mom would ask somebody else for their dog for me to use, and now I try to use a different breed everytime.
Age you started: soon as I could walk with a lead in my hand and not be dragged around on my belly. :-)
Your stand out quality: "She has soft hands, and actually listens to what you tell her..." quote from Pat Miller. I find using different
 breeds and dogs gives me more experience. People also commonly say that I am a nice person to deal with. I am kind to the dogs that I handle and try my very best everytime that I go into the ring. I also am always willing to help out other people. Even if another junior that is competing against me asks for my help, I will.
What you want to find on the web about Jrs: more tips for beginners,and more detailed information on the actual handling aspect. More photo's of the juniors themselves. The only time that you see them, are when they have their own website.
** You heard her you guys! Send on your pictures and I will add them here!**
One thing you'd like to pass onto a BRAND NEW Junior: Have fun. If you aren't having fun, you should not be in the ring.
Ask for help. People are normally always willing to help a Junior.
Name:Cassandra B. Noe
Dog breed: English Springer; Australian Shepherd
Location: Colorado
How did you get started: I actually started in 4-H when was 10 years old.  And believe it or not..Obedience was my thing
If your parents arent "into" showing dogs how did/do you
get around to the other shows?
  At first they weren't and I used to go to shows with my friend Amanda, who was also my mentor to start.  Then Mom got the bug as well and we travelled alot the last couple of years.  Now I work for a handler and travel to all the shows with him.
Age you started: 8 years old
Your stand out quality:The bond I have with my dogs and the hard work I put into to them.  I also don't care if I win or lose, I love to show!
What you want to find on the web about Jrs: More pictures and results for shows
** Send me your pictures and show updates and I will keep it updated for you!**
One thing you'd like to pass onto a BRAND NEW Junior: Be true to yourself and don't comprmise your integrity.  Start with a young dog and go thru the rough times wiht them, and don't be a sell out and go with someone elses special..there is NO self satificaton of winning in the long run with some one elses masterpiece....
Name:Caroline Bruton
Dog breed:English Springer Spaniel
Location: Salisbury, Md
How did you get started: My Sister and Mom
Age you started: 10
Your stand out quality:Bond with my dog
What you want to find on the web about Jrs:I would like a place where I can
find out what my standing's are that are updated frequently
**Anyone know how I can do this?**
One thing you'd like to pass onto a BRAND NEW Junior: Get a puppy that you love and train it yourself. Build a bond with your dog and have fun out there.
Remember to be a good Sport.
Find a good Mentor.

If you want to add something let me know! I'd love to put it up here!

Morgan A. Haney

King Kennel

Phone: (704) 562-7659


AIM: Mozerz