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Bored at the show???
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Bored at the show???
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I've groomed my dog and have some time...what do I do?
-- Walk around, leave the dog in the crate so that the two of you can relax on your own. 
-- Get your armband number
-- Check out the vendors (and buy some stuff!)
--Be sure the two of you are calm right before you enter the ring.  Play with your dog to get his energy out if you have a hyper active dog. 
     -- I bring the little hershy kisses and eat one right before I go into the ring.  Chocolate is a proven relaxer (and its good too!)
-- Be very in tuned to your dog's behavior and make sure that the dog isnt stressing. Be sure they have plenty of water and have time to relieve themselves before you go into the ring. It is very embarrassing if your dog pees on the judge!!!
-- Lastly-- BREATHE IN*BREATE OUT and relax
For more tips while in the ring, out of the ring, waiting, etc...check out Lindsay's home page

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