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Help is here

Here are some more question/answers for ya'll...

Katelyn also sent me some tips for showing my springer pup but it gives tips for any puppy in a ring...CLICK here to read it!
Name:Katelyn Smith
Dog breed:English Springer Spaniel
Location: Federal Way, WA
How did you get started: I actually got started through my local 4-H club. My best friend and mentor at the time brought me to a dog show to watch her. From then on I was hooked! (Thanks Bev!)
If your parents arent "into" showing dogs how did/do you
get around to the other shows?
My parents actually took me to all the shows that I was entered in, they supported what I love to do. But a few times, my good friend and the breeder of my very first show dog, Tully, took me with her. Now that im old enough to drive, I get to take myself!
Age you started:
10 or 11 in the 4-H dog Project, and 14 or 15 in AKC dog shows.
Your stand out quality:
Definitely the bond and strong connection with my dogs. We both work together and we both have fun together in the ring, no matter if we win or loose, it was still a great experience and we both leave the ring a winner every time! I am also great at listening to other peoples advice, and I usually always take it into consideration, which I think is very important sometimes.
What you want to find on the web about Jrs:
I would like more picture and to read who's doing what in the juniors ring.

One thing you'd like to pass onto a BRAND NEW Junior: HAVE FUN! Don't let other kids intimidate you, look like your having fun, even if you are really nervous. Try and be relaxed, the more your relaxed the more your dog will be relaxed! Even if you don't get placed, remember that it still was a great experience for you and your dog.

I met Heather at my first show...she wont both days, I would take what she says and REMEMBER IT!
Name: Heather Carroll
Dog breed:
Pulaski Virginia
How did you get started:
When I was about 8 my mom got her first show dog (It was a Great Dane).  I had always wanted to show but my mom thought where I was so young I couldn't handle a Dane.  About 2 1/2  years ago she got her first show dal.  About 1 1/2 years ago she got the dal I am showing now.
Age you started: 14
Your Stand out quality: The bond with my dog. We always have fun, win or lose!
What would you like to see on the web for juniors? More results and pics
What would you like to pass onto a brand new juniors? Just have fun!! Winning is a good thing but as long as your are having fun you are a winner!!
Name: Casey Pawl
Dog breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Great Pyrenees
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
How did you get started:  I was pretty much born into dog shows. The first time I went into the ring, I was 4yrs old and it was at a Pyr national. I had no idea what to do but the other lady in the ring,(now one of my dog show mommies and mentor Judy Cooper) helped me out and told me what I should do. Then I just showed in Pee-Wee juniors at matches and sometimes the match people would let me show in older age brackets because they wanted other kids to win and I wanted a challenge. My first real show was at the Canfield Cluster in 1997 and I'm still showing in juniors now until my b-day in 2005.
I got into Corgis later and I love showing them. They are little balls of energy that are very smart. I like watching Mike Scott show along with Frank Murphy and Donna Francis and Sandy Wolfskill and whole bunch of other people who I don't even know their names.
If your parents didnt get you started, who helped you and how did you find out about Junior Showmanship?  I watched juniors at shows and yes my parents did encourage me to do it but only if I really wanted to. I also watched juniors at the matches too.
Age you started:  4 technically, but at real shows 10
Your stand out quality:  I show my breeds how they are supposed to be shown in the breed ring.
With my Pembroke the only time I'm ever on the ground with her is with an all-breed judge or if she(the dog) isn't behaving. Otherwise I free-bait my corgi and she isn't a push button dog even though she may seem like it from watching.
With the Pyrs, there really isn't much to help you because they are the big working dogs. But they do require a lot of grooming and I groom them myself. From nails, to baths to brushing.
I also teach every single Pyr I show whether in juniors or breed how to free-stack and learn to gait right on the right side and left side of me.
What would you like to see on the web for juniors?: Just more exposure to show people that Juniors is a very cool way to bond with ur dog and have tons of fun at the same time. Its also a great way to meet people and do something out of the ordinary.
Things you'd like to pass onto a BRAND NEW Junior: I would probably pass on to a new junior to just have fun with your dog. Don't get too serious about everything and winning. You need to be serious enough to concentrate but just relax and have fun. You show your dog to your ability and not worry what other people think unless they are helping you.
Also, just practice out in your yard. Your dog will love it because he/she gets to spend time with you and you are practicing at the same time. Treat it as a type of "play session" for your dog. They will enjoy it a lot more and give more of them for you(like to please you even more).
Odin and I at the Progressive Dog Club of Wayne County on April 26, 2003.Odin stacked nicely!
Name: Gina Cashen

Dog breed: Golden Retriever/Beagle

Location: Michigan


How did you get started: 4-H and conformation classes at the local kennel club, the instructor helped me fill out entires and how to groom my dog for the ring, as well as teaching me the ring procedures..

If your parents didnt get you started, who helped you and how did you find out about Junior Showmanship? My friend told me that in Juniors it didn't matter what the dog looked like(both my dogs are pet/field quality) So I got into it from there. And after that, I started classes for AKC and in 4-H, So my instructor from the AKC classes helped me a ton. I started taking all the classes I could and just entered shows, and I'm still asking tons of questions.

Age you started: 15

Your stand out quality: I like to make it fun for my dogs, too, I talk a lot to them, some judges seem to like it while others don't I think.. Also.. I keep calm, even when my dog's being unbelievable, I try to stay calm.

What would you like to see on the web for juniors?: Lots of more advanced tips, definitely more pictures. and stats! i mean stats for like the #3454352435243243th Golden retriever handler! :D

Things you'd like to pass onto a BRAND NEW Junior: Don't get nervous, have fun, oh, and Meet juniors around you!! I wish I would have met more juniors in my area. Work with your dog, bond with him, and make it fun for your dog. Ask if you're ever unsure of the judges directions.

Want to give your 2cents? Copy/Paste the questions and send 'em my way!