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King's Kennel

I dont come in 1st in everything, but I do win everything I am in

Junior Showmanship
No PicturesApril 5thI showed Jose for my first show and got 2nd! It was our first time in the ring and it was a toughy but the judge said, "He's a wild one but you handle him great!
Click Here April 6th I showed Jose at the same show and got 4th. While it isn't first I did feel a lot more confident and Jose felt more comfortable working for me.
No PicturesMay 11th I showed Jose at the Greater Monroe Kennel Club Match and recieved first in my class! Woohoo! Only if this was a real show...
No PicturesMay 11th I showed Scandal at the Greater Monroe Kennel Club Match -- he recieved best of breed and 2nd in Working, not bad for a first timer in the ring!

No picturesMay 11th Topher and I were entered at the GMKC Show/Go and we did good! The course was set up so we can do novice, jumpers with weaves, and excellent. We did all 3 courses and had a blast! We skipped the weaves and the tire freaked him out but its ok!

Women's Freestyle
Click Here May 17th Topher and I were at the South East Skyhoundz Regionals and placed! We only did Freestyle but had a blast! Thank you to Victor Steel for taking the pictures, and all of the FiDO groupies and friends!
No Pictures April 26th Topher and I had our frist comp and it was for Skyhoundz, this event helped us enter the Regionals. We got a score of 3 (3 1pt catches) our second round. None the first but its ok!

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